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and welcome to the website of our family run smallholding in Lymm, Cheshire, where we rear free-range KellyBronze Christmas turkeys for sale from the farm gate. we also have a small pedigree flock of Wiltshire Horn sheep, always a few hens and from time to time some pigs.

free range KellyBronze turkeys

it's no accident that turkey became the traditional roast of choice for our Christmas dinners - birds selected and bred for flavour, reared outdoors in the slow traditional way, fed old-fashioned natural food until they're mature, then prepared by hand and roasted quickly will still make a Christmas feast second to none.

this is exactly what the KellyBronze turkey is and it also describes the artisan farming methods we use here at Crouchley to rear them.

as a result of this amount of time, care and attention to detail, we produce premium birds to the Kelly family's exacting standards.

our delighted customers come from across the North West: from Birkenhead to Bury, from Westhoughton to Woodford, all over Manchester and throughout Cheshire - with many people being local to us from the village, here in Lymm.

if you bought one of our farm fresh turkeys, we would be very pleased to meet you here at Crouchley, on our Christmas turkey sales days, the 23rd & 24th december.

Stop me & buy one !
Wiltshire Horn Ram

wiltshire horn sheep

these are the original woolless meat sheep !

a very old native breed which we keep just to provide butchers lambs and also some breeding animals.

not having wool doesn't mean they're bald, they just have a short hairy coat which moults every spring. it does mean that we don't have to do all the shepherding jobs that go with wool - shearing, dipping and what-have-you.

when we started our flock there were less than 800 registered breeding ewes but since the 2001 foot & mouth outbreak numbers have gone from strength to strength and the breed no longer appears on the Rare Breeds Survival Trust annual watchlist.

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