crouchley hall farm

  • Is it sad to look forward to pigs ?

    We're really looking forwards to this year's pigs arriving.

    They've had to be delayed because of the long cold spring. And last year's weren't much fun because of all the rain. Pigs do like a bit of a wallow but they also like dust baths and sunbathing too. So we're looking forward to enjoying 3 Saddleback weaners.

    Weaners because they'll just have been weaned off their mother and so will be ready and able to go out on their own. Saddlebacks because they're available when we want them and because I like Saddlebacks.

    They always seem to be very easy going. They like company - we did have some that used to keep escaping but all they did was come up the field and wait at the garden gate. They tend not to knock lumps off the pig ark - unlike the 3 Middle Whites that all tried to get through the door at the same time. They don't seem to grab your feet like Tamworths. And if the weather's mild they prefer sleeping outdoors under the hedge. Plus they look nice !

    So all in all, we're looking forward to having them on the farm. Rearing weaners to porkers is generally a fairly straightforward job but having the pig of choice is the icing on the cake.



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