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  • congratulations

    from everyone at Crouchley to Mrs Angela Hendry of Warrington who won our draw at the Cheshire Food Festival, held at Arley Hall last weekend. We're looking forward to Mrs Hendry collecting her 5kg turkey from the farm during our Farmgate Sales Days on the 23rd and 24th December.

    Being able to ring someone up with good news put the cherry on the top of an excellent weekend. The Food Festival at Arley was excellent. There were lots of stalls and producers, displaying a tremendous range of food and drink to big crowds on both days. Our KellyBronze turkey samples attracted plenty of attention and we talked ourselves hoarse explaining just what makes them taste so good.

    I do feel we should apologise to our neighbouring stallholders who were so good natured about our video loop (complete with sound) of the turkeys - which we played all weekend. Most people do like to see where their food comes from and even those who find it a challenge to relate the bird in the field to the meat on the plate, always allow that they feel better knowing that our turkeys are free ranged and farmed to such high welfare standards.

    That was our last food show of 2013, so now we're into our final 10 days of accepting orders and preparing for the Sales Days.

    Soon be Christmas !



  • top links

    Food festivals aren't just a great opportunity to meet customers old and new and to put what we do on show but they also give us small producers a chance to meet one another. At the North West Food Lovers Festival we had some lovely convivial neighbours and we'd like to bring two of them in particular to your attention.

    Firstly we met Steph and Rob, who together are "Posh Pickles and Preserves" a small company based in Frodsham, Cheshire. They’ve taken time, care and a passion for food to create a range of unique and delicious chutneys, relishes, pickles and jams that can help to spice up any meat, cheeseboard or meal in general ! Posh have won the Prince’s Trust Award for Business Success in the North West and all their products contain the highest quality, locally sourced ingredients.

    Many of their seasonal specials are centred around fruit and vegetables that they’ve grown themselves and all of the range are handmade in small batch open preserving pans to ensure they always maintain their distinctively impeccable taste. We're delighted that we can offer a Christmas selection of Posh’s very special produce for sale, here at Crouchley Hall Farm on the 23rd and 24th December - we’re sure you’ll find them as tasty as we do.

    Then came Charlie Womersley, aka "Charlie the Wine". Charlie has been in and around the wine business all his working life and now with the help of his business partners, intends to share his wine experiences, views and stories with the rest of us through the Charlie the Wine website.

    His Blog will introduce you to some of the finest wines he has had the pleasure of savouring over the years, from all over the world. Although we aren't able to sell Charlie's wines at of Farmgate Sales Days, you will be able to order a range of these great wines directly from his online store, delivered to you, at exclusive discounts.

    To make it easier for you to find out more about both these unique businesses, there are also links to their websites on our "links" page.

    Well worth a look.



  • sparklers ?

    The way the calendar and the weather have fallen this year it seems as though tonight is going to be Guy Fawkes Night. Lots of people will be out celebrating with a bonfire and fireworks but for many livestock keepers tonight will be spent making sure our animals are safe.

    Generally it's simply a case of getting them into a barn or pen so they can't run around and get injured. Lighting helps as the flash of rockets won't be as bright and startling. Even a radio to try and drown out the bangs can help.

    Like so much in farming it's a case of anticipating a problem then getting ahead of it.

    The "gotcha" is when someone lets off fireworks unexpectedly and all you can do is watch and hope and pick up the pieces afterwards.

    So if any of you are planning fireworks at any time and you have a neighbour with animals of any description, please let them know beforehand.

    I'm sure they'll be grateful.

    I know I would.



  • our BIG bird

    Now that the first adverts of Christmas are appearing on TV and we're already receiving turkey orders, it's time for us to deploy our mighty straw-bale turkey.

    It sounds ridiculous but a 10 foot high turkey is surprisingly good at catching people's attention and reminding them that we're here with top class birds to sell for Christmas.

    It's simply a big round bale of straw with a plywood head and tail strapped to it. Simple but instantly recognisable. We sit it in a little used gateway from the farm onto the Higher Lane (A56) and it looks out over a banner with our website and telephone numbers.

    To be quite honest the splendid tail will have a couple of new "feathers" this year following an unfortunate incident with the tractor !

    So if you're passing through Lymm in the next couple of months just keep your eyes peeled for our magnificent (but inedible), free range (but stationary), super-sized KellyBronze turkey.



  • to market, to market

    Well it wasn't a market really, it was the North West Food Lovers Festival at Manchester's Event City last weekend.

    The farm had a stand there and we met a lot of lovely people, talking about our free range KellyBronze turkeys and what makes them so special, offering tastings of the meat we were cooking on the stand, selling hot turkey rolls and even taking some orders for Christmas. It was also a lot of fun spending some time with so many other independent producers of individual foods.

    One lucky visitor, Mr Mark Slater from Blackburn, won our draw and will be collecting his prize (a 5kg turkey) from the farm during our Sales Days.

    Apparently attendance at the show was down on previous years following a move from its old venue at Tatton Park. However for those visitors that did go to Event City I'm sure they must have had an excellent experience. Certainly we had a tremendously positive reaction from the people we talked to.

    The really satisfying part for us was when people tried our turkey for the first time. So many were amazed at the difference between what we were offering and what they had eaten previously. People were having a taste and then going to get their partners or families so that they could try it too. Word of mouth was working as well with people coming to the stand having been told about the eating quality of our KellyBronze turkey.

    For us, it was very rewarding and simply a delightful experience.




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