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  • a New Year's resolution

    Every year I start off with the sorts of intentions that pave the road to hell but 2016 is definitely going to be the year when I start to write this blog regularly ! It isn't really an excuse but the fact is that so much happens here day-to-day, that I tell myself I'm too busy dealing with "stuff" to write blog posts about it. This is me stepping back, making a bit of room and getting on with some blogging.

    So what happened here in January ?

    Well, the first job is always to send a New Year newsletter to our customers. We like to do it as a way of saying "thank you" and drawing our turkey season to a close for another year. Then we have to get down to the administration work that has to be done to actually make our turkey business happen. Not very exciting and definitely not glamorous but essential to keep things running. This even includes booking refrigerator hire for next Christmas.

    This January our outdoor jobs have been restricted by the rain. We've been far luckier than so many people - our little flood was just in a field and did no harm but it has delayed our dismantling the turkey shelter. It's been in the same place for the past two years, so we need to move it to fresh ground before this year's turkeys arrive. Better for the land and better for the birds. We've got the roof and sides off now, next job is to move the water and power supplies to the new site and then we'll move the frame. We have managed to take down our giant straw bale turkey on the A56 though - doesn't do to have your Christmas decorations up after 12th Night !

    As for our sheep, they started off 2016 with a whole flock dosing against liver fluke. It's a known problem where land floods from time to time and some of our ewes were showing symptoms. We had to gather them all indoors to keep them safe from fireworks on New Year's Eve anyway, so we medicated the whole lot at the same time. Other than that, they're just jogging along through the middle part of their pregnancies. Fed up with all this wet but at least they have free access to a shed with straw and hay whenever they want it. All we have to do is carry the bales to them every day while they watch and wait. W've just started feeding them as well in the run up to lambing, which is always a popular milestone.

    And that was our January. Wetter than we wanted and not as cold as we would have liked but at least we're getting things done - and blogging again



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